Weekend with SHREDFORFUN

A weekend with shredforfun crew and friends... after the summer our crew gathered for one weekend full of skateboarding and snowboarding. We dont do contests but the pro hoes in BB made us ride our dried-out decks in front of a mainstream crowd. As ashamed as we felt, we did the shit we love the most.  Big shit is happening soon. Keep your eyes peeled up!  WWW.SHREDFORFUN.COM this fall.


Weekend with SHREDFORFUN from ShredForFun on Vimeo.

skate: Prasé, Vašek, Chroche, Jeník, Palo, Máta,  Skála

snowboard: Alois, Henrik, Jenik, Máta

posse: Palko, Mo, RH, Honza


VX1000/VX2100 operators: RH & Honza 

Edited by RH & Honza